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Lady Gaga Steals Footage of Madonna's Reaction at Grammys

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Pathological liar and former superstar Lady Gaga edited the video of her performance at the Grammy’s and added shots from the crowd reaction during Madonna’s finale instead of her own.

Granted, Gaga’s performance was boring and the shots of the crowd at the end of her performance were embarrassing…


…but the girl didn’t have to lie about it - much less use images from the crowd during Madonna’s performance.

Oh, yeah, we’re talking about Gaga. So there will always be lies.


Here’s a video of the CBS live broadcast:


And here’s the Lady Gaga version of the video, edited and uploaded to her own page, and Madonna’s live broadcast video, side to side:


Gaga is such a Madonna-wannabe that she used shots from Madonna’s crowd to inflate her own ego.

I'm crying. :o  :o  :o

Who the fuck is running her publicity nowadays? Is it Madonna herself, dressed in a wig and breaking into Gaga's offices to destroy her from the inside out?

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