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Natalia Kills To Release New Music This Year

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Natalia Kills won't stop gushing. Every time she mentions her husband, singer Willy Moon, her eyes light up, her smile widens and she giggles. "It actually worries me to be with him because I laugh so much," says the 28-year-old dark-pop singer. "I think he's going to give me wrinkles. You're ruining my youth, goddammit!" The two tied the knot in May, during a seismic period in Kills' personal and professional life.

It started with a sudden move to a West Village apartment. When I arrive for our interview, Kills opens the door to a duplex covered in psychedelic floral wallpaper and decked out with a spiral staircase, crystal chandelier, cat statues, pistachio-colored velvet boudoir chairs and a '70s Lucite dining set. Turns out this is the New York incarnation of her deceased grandmother's UK home. Kills explains: "My grandmother was like, 'I'm leaving everything to you, and you have to recreate this house that you've grown up in, and then I'll come back and haunt you and we'll be together.'" Moon found the NYC apartment, had everything shipped over and surprised Kills.

During those early Village days, she was invited to the studio by Madonna, along with producer and Cherrytree Records boss Martin Kierszenbaum. ("Madonna's dancers play my music during her rehearsals and workouts every week," Kills says, asked how the collaboration came about.) The trio completed eight songs in seven days for the Queen of Pop's next album. According to Madonna's Instagram, they also bonded up a storm. "She writes incredible lyrics, sings beautiful melodies, but most of all she is so fucking funny," Kills says.

And then, a week after they finished redecorating, Kills put on a Jenny Packham dress and married Moon in the roof bar of the Jane Hotel at midnight.

Though Kills -- who's half Jamaican and half Uruguayan and whose nomadic backstory begins in England -- started writing songs professionally at age 15, she's been making her own music for over ten years, touring with pop heavyweights Robyn and Katy Perry and working with everyone from Angel Haze to David Guetta. Along the way she's seduced the fashion world, signing with IMG Models, rocking a Prabal Gurung dress on the cover of her second album and being seen at major soir

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ALSO the David collab is titled 'Crave It'. I hope this release pushes her up in the relevance charts, something Trouble was on it's way to do before Natalia decided singles should be months apart

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The way she describes her relationship with Willy makes me really jealous. That's some Stepford Wives shit. :stretcher:

Glad to hear something new's coming, though!

Right tho? He probably beats her up every night as well after his twenty first glass of gin! Such a turn on! :magic:

Yay! New Natalia! We all know she has a giant repertoire to choose from if she ever decides to stop recording. The new Michael!

I'm here for Natalia dying so she can finally get some recognition and we can finally get some unreleased tracks. :popcorn:

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