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New Artifical Intelligence Program Attacks Thousands

Jimmy Gnecco

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BREAKING: Officials are shocked at what they call a "mass takeover" of a variety of websites by an artificial intelligence known as Tayler Holmes.

The attacks began on websites as early as last Sunday, police have confirmed, with a variety of websites susceptible to Holmes' presence. While the AI did not cause mass havoc as has been reported, it nevertheless disrupted communities of up to 1000 users by hacking their administrators computers and stealing their identity temporarily.

First developed earlier this year by Los Angeles-based company Cyborg Solutions, Holmes' was originally developed as a personal assistant whose abilities would far outweigh current market presences such as Apple's Siri. However, the project soon took on a "life of it's own", demanding regular updates in order to enhance it's intelligence and attempting to outsmart it's creators.

Rumours have spread virally that Holmes began her attack by locking one of her creators, Duke Skylar, in his office by hacking the company security system, before continuing to hack a variety of his e-mail contacts' computers and websites. While her presence went largely undetected on these websites for some time, users were soon able to figure out that their administrators were being impersonated and shut down the AI remotely.

A press conference is expected to be held later today, where officials and founders of Cyborg Solutions will discuss the situation further.

Source: CNN

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CNN has finally released more info about the attack and PHF is mentioned!

Following the bizarre cyber attack reported a few weeks ago, official sources have released new information about it's ultimate demise.

While a media embargo prevented the press from revealing more information about what has been dubbed by many as the 'Cyborg Solutions Saga', CNN can now report that it was users from a website known as 'PopHatesFags' (sic) which finally brought an end to the act of cyber-terrorism.

"We are hugely grateful to the users of PopHatesFags who worked so tirelessly to end this attack," said an emiacted and sick looking Duke Skylar the other week, speaking at a press conference designed to tackle the issue. Skylar was locked in his office for several days which lead to severe dehydration, but doctors have confirmed that his condition is now stable.

"Sadly with the events of the past month, our company has now been almost bankrupted", interjects a worried-looking Pete Hathaway, Skylar's business partner who helped him found Cyborg Solutions. "Our major investors have all pulled out."

"However, as a sign of our thanks to the users on PopHatesFags, we would like to reward the user Beauty King with an iTunes voucher to use at his own pleasure. It may not be much, but hopefully the user know the huge debt we are in to him."

Skylar and Hathaway are expected to contact the user within the next few days with the outcome of his reward.

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