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How I'm Feeling Today: Day 12- The Day Mo Broke My Heart


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As many of you know, Mo (firestarter) & I were once in love, you can read about it here. What you don't know is how Mo broke my heart & left me at the altar.

Our love was grand, it was better than any love story, better than Aladdin & Jasmine, Hermione & Ron, Michelle & Barack, Noah & Allie etc. I was even going to use the beautiful vows written by Anya from Buffy The Vampire Slayer on our wedding day.

tumblr_m117uyO6vk1qkx3d4o1_250.gif [img width=245 height=165] tumblr_m117uyO6vk1qkx3d4o2_r1_250.gif

[img width=245 height=165] tumblr_m117uyO6vk1qkx3d4o3_250.gif [img width=245 height=165] tumblr_m117uyO6vk1qkx3d4o4_250.gif

[img width=245 height=165] tumblr_m117uyO6vk1qkx3d4o5_250.gif [img width=245 height=165] tumblr_m117uyO6vk1qkx3d4o6_250.gif

But just like Xander left Anya, Mo left me.

[img width=245 height=165]


Every night, I sat in my room & questioned how he could do this to me. How could a heart be this broken but still be able to feel this much pain?

[img width=245 height=165]


Over time, my heart break turned into anger; soon after, I was back to my old way. I once again became a vengeance demon.

[img width=251 height=201]


Other didn't understand it. They thought I had gotten over that 'phase'. It wasn't a phase. I AM VENGEANCE!

[img width=500 height=221]


I went on a killing spree, ripping the hearts out of men who didn't deserve them

[img width=245 height=195]


Afterwards, I went on a soul seeking journey. Am I truly evil? Did I set myself up for heart break? Was Mo destined to destroy my soul? What was the purpose of life? How do I know? All I know is that I love dressing up like a bunny, prostituting & gambling.

[img width=500 height=239] BunnyAnya.gif

[img width=500 height=268] tumblr_mc9v0aprBn1rygmvr.gif

[img width=500 height=276] tumblr_mc689seXC11rjsp7uo1_500.gif

I still haven't figured out who I am, thus, I am sitting here telling you our remarkable love story to cope with my grief & to hopefully one day find the courage to move on from this hell.

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