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Fuck You Homewrecker


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No, not the user Homewrecker, I love you ;) I'm talking about those dumb ass hoes that try (or accomplish) breaking up your relationship because they're jealous no one will give their stink ass pussy the time of day.

So there was this girl in school I HATED. She was bff's with my gf at the time & I swore from day 1 she was a cunt bag trying to break us up & get in my gf's pants. I was right of course, & she told my gf that I ate her out  :yuck: & she broke up with me. :vacuum:  Anyway, I heard this song today & it brought back memories of that skank ass cunt. I hope she has diarrhea today.

Anyway, I'm over it, have an amazing fiance, beautiful daughter & live a lovely life & that bitch can't even hold a job at McDonalds because she's still a lying thieving skank  :tan:

What's your go-to 'fuck you for even looking at my (wo)man' song?

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