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How I'm Feeling Today: Day 7


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You should be grateful you're getting a public holiday at all. :vacuum: You get like 100 more than we do over here!

Americans will find whatever reason to ditch work and drink beer. It's a fact.

What shall we celebrate this month? Black people!

What shall we celebrate this date? Chinese New Year!

What shall we celebrate today? National Donut Day!

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Come to America, it's a legit thing.

National Hot Dog Day is a thing too. July 17th.

#MoveToTheUS #WhenIsBieberGonnaBeDeported? #WillYourCatSurviveThePlaneRide?

Marry me so I can get a green card and I will. :vacuum:

Omg, I can imagine New York going crazy. :stretcher:

#GetMoAGreenCard #StillWaitingForThemToDeportBieber #MyCatAndIAreComingFirstClassOnAShipTBH

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