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Getting To Know You


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This is not an attempt to boost up mine & Cypher's credits out of pure thirst for songs, but to get to know each other better here at PHF  :excited:

How to play?

Ask any question you want, but you have to answer the question as well.

First question:

What is your favorite type of porn?

Answer: Lesbian Gang Bangs (but not the rapey kind)

Now, you answer this, then ask a question and answer your question & the next person will answers your question + there's and so forth until Cypher & I get our songs we have gotten to know each other so well that we become in sync with each other's every thought.

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I thought you were gay tbh :stretcher:

But a girl could ride you & you'd be a bottom, or she could pop on a strap on & hit that ass up.

Regular because I have glasses & it's weird to wear 3D glasses on top of my regular glasses.

How does it feel to finally have your song?

Awesome right?

Hah, that's an interesting concept...it's like gender backwards...anywho...



Computer games or TV console games?

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