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If You Could Remove One Personality Trait...


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My ocd/anxiety over the dumbest shit. I spend so much time getting upset over stupid shit (like the tv not being on the right volume number, the blanket being turned on a specific side, the number of strokes of deodorant I use, the number of bites I take out of food... there's a million things tbh) I've tried quitting, but sometimes I'll have panic attacks over it.

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Probably the social anxiety I have. I can't even leave the house without freaking out about people staring at me and overanalysing all the things my friend's say and do which make me think they hate me. :stretcher: You should see me before I go to parties, I spend like four hours in front of the mirror and just pace nervously around my house for like the entire day beforehand.

The stupid thing is that as soon as I'm relaxed I'm like the funnest person to be around ever. It just takes ages for me to stop being so self-conscious and chill out a bit. :'(

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