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New Server!

Main Pop Girl

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Hi guys!

So sorry for not making this thread sooner. I was working so hard on getting everything working and then I made a post on the chatbox but it dissapeared. :vacuum:

But I just wanted to fill you in on the new server! We've moved servers from iPage to DreamHost which should hopefully get rid of all those annoying errors we used to get whenever we had more than like twenty people online.

We've also gotten a new domain name, www.pophatesfags.org. This came free with Dreamhost. Our old .net domain name will be back soon as well, but it will take about a week or so for that to transfer to the new server. You'll soon also be able to go to www.pophatesfags.co for the same website!

If you guys see anything weird on the site after the move, let us know. Thanks for sticking with us while we've been working things out! <3

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The only issue I'm having is staying logged in. I have it set to always logged in, but everytime I post or click on a thread it logs me out. :/

Oooh, really? Maybe try resetting your cookies or something? Because the source of the page is entirely the same as the old domain's it might be messing up! I've reset the cache for the board so hopefully it will fix itself!

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