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Do You Ever Promo?


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Omegle convo part 1

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like farting, fart, FARTS, and poop.

You: POOP!

Stranger: i'm m fart in my face

Stranger: Please

You: I want to do something even better =)

You: ;)

Stranger: Ok *lies down*

You: I want tell you about this amazing site called pophatesfags.net It's filled with the latest news in pop music & culture, & includes an exclusive section for our members. As a bonus, if you sign up today, I'll mail you a cupcake made by me in any flavor of your choice =)

Stranger: That's dick move lol

You: Join it & I'll send you a pic of my tits tbh

Stranger: Lol that's ok I'll look it up

Stranger: Keep your tits unshown

You: I'll fart on you if you join =)

Stranger: No that's ok if you will to go thrugh all that I'm sure it's important

Stranger: I'll look it up

Stranger: Free of charge

You: Will you join for me? =)

Stranger: I guess so if that's what you want I'm just trying to be nice

You: Aww <3 You are nice, just like many of the members on pophatesfags.net What kind of music do you like btw?

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