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Welcome to PopHatesFags 2.0!

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Hey you guys! Welcome back to PHF!

I thought I probably owed you all an explanation over what's been happening lately. Basically our web host deleted one of our databases, which is basically the thing which holds all of our forum information including posts, PM's, avatars, etc. There was no way to repair it. So basically I had two decisions: shut PHF down or restart it with a brand new layout and system, keeping none of the old information we used to have.

Obviously I decided to choose the second option!

You can still find a lot of our old topics through Google cache - so if you've made a topic with a huge list of songs or something and don't wanna have to retype it, try there first! I'll be making a lot more updates to our layout over the next few days, but for now I thought it was just important that we opened the site officially to let you guys know we're still up and running.

Thanks so much for sticking with us! We hope you enjoy the new, improved PHF.


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Can't wait to get back to posting :-* #PHF2013

Btw what are those coloured squares beneath the username? Is it like a ranking system, and will the "Straight" status change with the squares? :)

yes and yes! everyone will become bi-curious when they reach 50 posts ;)

Thank god the forums back!  Really love the new design! and btw i tried to follow the same format you did in your album post, that took a lot of work though so probably not gunna happen much after that hahaha

lmfaooo i know it's so annoying isn't it! i couldn't even find that tracklisting online so i had to type it out by hand, omg so annoying. but if you want you can just use mine as a template for all the coding and stick your own things in there hahaha!

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