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  1. Leak this Charlie song feat Zedd xx https://dbree.org/v/26529e
  2. Hello, how are you ? What is On Top Of Everything ? Who is the artist ?
  3. here we go With the intro https://dbree.org/v/01486f Without the intro https://dbree.org/v/6f861e @Zach @Selena Quintanilla
  4. Ok i ripped it, i hope it's okay. I put with and without the intro https://dbree.org/v/d60367 https://dbree.org/v/615ff7
  5. I can try to rip it if you want but i need more informations. It's the episode 10 ? and in what minutes is the demo ?
  6. and about the charli xcx mass you was talking about, is it still happening ?
  7. i hope it's true, you say 4 people have it but still no new snippet ?
  8. wrong thread, go here to trade https://www.pophatesflops.com/topic/16324-music-trading-thread/?do=findComment&comment=240611
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