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  1. Did i wanna fucking call you leak? I know of the live performance
  2. Great work does anyone have a masterpost? I tried the old link but it's down
  3. It wasn't as good as the Paradise Edition Box Set but it was still nice A 2 disc picture disc album some huge pictures (size of a vinyl) and the CD album it was $100 which seems like a lot even now lol
  4. OMG i know which one you are talking about that vinyl is beautiful. At the time when that came out i was 14 and i got the Ultraviolence box set instead but always wish I got both.
  5. I really hope so, I have been obsessing over not having them the past couple days. lol I should of just bought them when they came out! I know I also have vinyl from UO a lot of mine are ripped as well, tearing at the top i don't think they are the best quality
  6. hi where can i buy these? any fans want to sell me some i'm looking for britney, in the zone, blackout, circus and femme fatale I didn't buy when they came out cuz my ex hated her but i've always been a big fan
  7. Aww here I was thinking it was some big dramatic story but it'c actually something as simple as that I feel like her song American Girl defined my summer in 2017 (i know it came out in 2013 but I didn't really relate to it until 2013 and I'm not even american or a girl) She just captured something that was so amazing. I always wished she went through and released the rest of her album
  8. omg just read through this entire thread you all are amazing posting these tracks, I was looking for the reach out solo for a while now I remember downloading it back in the day but lost it. I tried to search it but could find it nowhere. Even these Come Clean remixes I remember having them so long ago but these ones are really good quality. Does anyone know the backstory for Anything But Up? I always found it random
  9. why did epic and bonnie get into a fight over the album
  10. does anyone have a list of the demos that leaked for this area? I always wondered why the album was not released I'm sorry but American Girl is a BOP describes my summer that year perfectly and always takes me back to those happy times. It's really gold one of my favourite songs
  11. Sorry if I am missing something, I am new here why is the first press of the Hilary Duff album different?
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