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  1. Glory cover is 1000 times better than the official version
  2. sorry but anyone paying 5000$ for a scrapped song has real issues to deal with
  3. does anyone know if Sia's demo for Steps comeback single What The Future Holds is circulating?
  4. So cute ❤️ Ariana s positions is definitely better than the official one
  5. I actually like the Last Christmas cover Lol
  6. i've just red the full post, i'm on the verge of throwing out my whole digested lunch at the thought of having to kiss Perez Hilton. dear god, why even doing that?
  7. isn't Never Giving You Up a RedOne production?? it just sounds like one to me
  8. you did an amazing job bb
  9. I didn't do anything, but I'm glad it's shut down He Keept on stealing music and artwork off both phf and leakthis, and it was a nightmare to visit for any visitor venturing in, so I'm super glad somebody finally shut it down
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