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  1. What are your favorite albums of 2017 so far?

    I am late as hell but I love Taylor Swift's Reputation. I Did Something Bad, Ready for It, Delicate and Look What You Made Me Do... amazing. I've never really taken her that seriously but this is totally the album I expected from Loreen. TayTay will be my backup-Loreen until L comes to her senses and stops smoking weed.
  2. Loreen - Ride Poll

    I know right The ballad version is amazing, even the Duvchi-version that was released is sooo much better than the album one. I dunno why they wanted to ruin the song. Just horrid.
  3. Who Have You Seen Live?

    Melanie C from Spice Girls lol It was a cool concert but a bit rushed. No audience interaction. Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Tour - Made a huge fan Loreen - 2015 in Helsinki. I used to live in Turku back then, and as I am very sick it took a lot to travel all the way here and actually wait for her to perform. And... In the end the show was 20 minutes long. I was so sad. But also happy that I actually got to see her live, which I had dreamed of since 2011.
  4. Loreen - Ride Poll

    Yeah I get the reason why it was changed for the album, but to be honest I would've just left it out completely instead of ruining a fan favorite. Ride is okay in my opinion. It lacks something... I dunno. Probably uneventful as you said.
  5. Loreen - Ride Poll

    Absolutely disagree on Fire Blue. It lacks everything the original had; drama, sorrow and most of all soul. The new version is meh. I do like both versions of Jupiter Drive. Dreams and '71 Charger are awesome too. The only ones I can't stand are the already stated Fire Blue and I Go Ego.
  6. My Loreen Promo videos

    And here's the short version I promised.
  7. My Loreen Promo videos

    And here's a micro-preview of '71 Charger lol micropreview.mp4
  8. Loreen - Ride Poll

    I cried hysterically for hours when Hate The Way I Love You was released. I couldn't stand '71 Charger but HTWILY saved it for me. Recently really gotten into Love Me America, the intro is amazing. I usually do not like it when artists make beautiful music with sarcastic and political lyrics to top them off, but the music is just that good.... I love it. Jupiter Drive.. Well, I preferred the original of that as well, but I understand why it was changed for the album. A hip hop beat-driven track would not fit Ride.
  9. Loreen - Ride Poll

    This is the original. I call the album version Raped & Destroyed version.
  10. My Loreen Promo videos

    Since her PR-team is horrid and the promo sucks, I've spent countless hours making my own... Here's a retrospective trailer for Ride # 1 & 2 (2017) I much prefer #2 version, tho it has a tiny glitch on it: I'm not too happy with them, but it'll have to do. I feel it's going on too long and gets boring. It's still better than the preview posted on her official account, so there's that. The audio loop is from Love Me America (which also took hours to edit). NUDE EP 2017 PREVIEW Not very polished but gives you an idea of what the songs are like. NUDE EP: BODY Preview Probably the proudest of this one. I edited the music and video and it just flows well. Still not perfect but then again, what it... NUDE EP 'JUNGLE' PREVIEW
  11. American Horror Story: Cult

    + It's no longer a Lady Gaga show, glad she isn't involved anymore - At the same time you can totally see how the show's popularity is declining and ideas running out; Lange out, Bates out, Gaga out. All the big stars abandoning the sinking ship...
  12. Loreen - Ride Poll

    You can vote multiples ....and yes, the horrid new version of Fire Blue is at the bottom on purpose. I actually deleted it completely off my playlist and replaced it with the original.
  13. The Battle of Ex-acts

    TBH Lindsay had a lot of potential with Rumors, but then she f'ked up her career and hasn't been able to revive it ever since. It's a solid track, tho
  14. Help Us Interview...

    Loreen interview maybe?

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