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  1. I may have ruptured my ear drums. opened this with headphones.
  2. Jon Bellion - The Human Condition Bastille - Wild World Sia - This is Acting Stephen - Sincerely
  3. Meghan Trainor. That shit is grating.
  4. Im still a salty bastard over Gavin Degraw Not Our Fault (Feat. Harry Styles) Never releasing.
  5. Jon Bellion - Dont ask cuz I dont know Alex clare - Gotta Get Up Sam Smith - Money On my Mind
  6. Alex Clare - Relax My Beloved Melancholy masterpiece.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TQBd_pYyYk
  8. Super into crybaby the albums production.
  9. No clue what that is. or how to pronounce it for that matter.
  10. So from what I gathered the male genitalia or Italian.

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