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  1. thatboyadrian

    Bebe Rexha - 2 Souls On Fire (Feat. Quavo) & Ferrari

    these are meh. Her older stuff was better
  2. thatboyadrian

    Qveen Herby - The Rebirth Of A Flop Gal

    loving the new sound TBH
  3. thatboyadrian

    why Samantha Jade didn't happen? (The x factor winner)

    Her material was good but generic and forgettable. they done my girl dirty like that. JUSTICE FOR EYES ON ME
  4. thatboyadrian

    Unreleased: Charli XCX, Allie X and Lady Gaga

    thanks booooo
  5. thatboyadrian

    Katy Perry plagiarized polish singer?

    It's very similar. Wonder if she'll sue
  6. thatboyadrian

    Julia Michaels - Slumber Party (Britney Spears demo)

    Kinda dig this vibe. feels a lil dark and sexy. Would love to hear brit on it.
  7. thatboyadrian

    LEAK: Miley Cyrus - Doctor (FULL UNRELEASED TRACK)

    lmao not into this at all. Glad this was left off.
  8. thatboyadrian

    Lady Gaga Announces Las Vegas Residency

    Kinda into this. Missed all the other ones lmao
  9. thatboyadrian

    Kim Petras - Faded (Feat. Lil Aaron)

    Ew did not know this. Gross.
  10. thatboyadrian

    Bonnie McKee - Have Yourself a Merry Fucking Christmas

    Couldn't agree more.
  11. thatboyadrian

    Your New Music Monday Choices

    Alexz Johnson +7 Era Istrefi + 5 Kali Uchis + 4 Lola Blanc + 2 LP + 3 Ry X + 1 Sky Ferreira + 4 ALMA + 1 Britney Spears + 1
  12. thatboyadrian

    DISGASTING Banks - Escapades

    lame vid.
  13. thatboyadrian

    Noita - Pink Noise EP

    Debut EP from Moody R&B babe Noita. The whole EP is free on her soundcloud and it's a JAM tbh Tracklisting Thoughts (I) She Bang Zone Feelings (II) Over Here I Know Those Nights Noise (III) Stream/Download
  14. thatboyadrian

    Nick Jonas - Champagne Problems

    he definitely looks like a mega douche in this video but I am still ready for him
  15. thatboyadrian

    Dua Lipa - Room For 2

    OMG i had been waiting for this on youtube... didn't realize it was a Hunger TV exclusive. Goddamnit

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