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  1. If it weren't for the catfights I would've dropped this show after the first episode that being said, the fights are amazing to watch The grave push Fallon's constant sex jokes Dragging Sammy Jo for litterally doing nothing Just every scene with Fallon and Cristal tbh
  2. Yesterday was ROBBED and should've been at least a bonus track ^this, he's just producing the tracks now (which isn't much different than Leo Rising, just this time he isn't on backing vocals #BringNickBack2k18)
  3. I thought this was gonna be a "delete it fat" style story from the title Anyway I WOULD'VE DIED OMG, you're the chosen one (literally)
  4. Didn't know my flop taste would be exposed like this can't wait for the next rate
  5. Come thru Mind Maze at 15th place!
  6. Judging from your reaction I gotta hide what I rated those
  7. you need taste & style, consider urself BLOCKED
  8. Got 8 days of school left till I graduate :spy: I can't handle when my internet dies how can I cope with the outside world :awkwardney:

    1. Leaving


      Plot twist: The outside world only exists if you get out of bed, so if you stay in your bedroom all day it will never bother you. :spy:

    2. Hanelts


      It's no different than what I do now but it sounds like a plan! :dealwithit:

    3. Leaving


      @Hanelts :cackle: You and me both sis, reality is overrated!

  9. Sent in my rates Can't wait for my flop taste to be judged
  10. The way she acts can seem very... artificial sometimes but at the same time I guess the videos are part of the whole Qveen Herby experience, hopefully once she gains her footing a bit things will seem more natural
  11. nnnnn the amount of iconic lines in this thread
  12. (Not sure if this is the right section, don't yell at me if it is my inactive ass is still learning ) So I'm gonna go ahead and assume you've heard of the flop duo known as Karmin, creator of the eternal bop Brokenhearted and personal bane of my existence Acapella (). After being signed to Epic and making "swag-pop" () for 3 years, only releasing an EP and an almost universally shat on album which deserves so much better, they decided it was time to break free from the confines of label-dictated, family-friendly pop music to make what they've always wanted to make... more p
  13. Top Artist: Lady Gaga Top Track: Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepsen (The surprise is where ) Most Active Hour: 11pm Danceability: 54% Energetic: 40% (The three songs it showed in the preview were all from artpop ) Average BPM: 9... yeah idk either Top Genre: Pop Diversity: You Know What You Want You Are What Your Stream: Turnt, Partier,
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