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  1. Everyone knows id give a nut for some unreleased Kerli but. More than anything id love to have CLs All In, in full. We never getting it 😭

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Savages


      Must be nice @Joan


      And I KNOW @Skinny Legend

      We waited so long and, at least what was recorded prior to now, well never get unless leaked. Makes me sooo sad cause she has such potential and so many bangers.

      But id happily settle for All In. It bops hard. 😭

    3. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Hopefully one day... :yeah: She has too many bops for them to remain unreleased.

    4. Marnstar


      All her best bops are unreleased :yeah:

  2. Someone hmu when Evanescences new song leaks plz and thanks 🖤

    Edited by Savages
  3. I had a friend who said there was one demo recording of Bubblegum and that it was rough af. Doesn't mean id love to finally have something besides the shit sxsw one. Cmon Kerli, or someone. DO SOMETHING. A release. A leak, or 10. Its been too long since weve had something 'new' and I'm desperately desperate. Wheres all them damn people trying to sell stuff? 😂😂
  4. Shew lord the damn Rona. We just had 6 confirmed cases in this hick ass tiny town, two were doctors at the local medical center too. Freaks me out a bit working at a gas station in town. So of course were an 'essential' business. Working in the public is stressful enough but currently panic inducing. I hope everyone is staying safe!
  5. Shew lord. Essential worker here just looking for some of that good, older Kerli demos. 😂

    But no for real, I finally have a Switch. Thats pretty nice.

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Are you obsessed with Animal Crossing like everyone else? :cackle: 

  6. I need some new old Kerli to leak or something. Im past bored with Shadow Works. 🙃 Or find a new obsession. Or both.

  7. DMMD is my fave for sure. Camp Buddy was aight. Excited for Full Service however.
  8. Did anyone manage to rip the Savages video? 

  9. ily all❤️

    Sorry for lack of replies and the like, my computer's power supply died 2 weeks ago and I barely have a chance to get on the net due to it. It'll be fixed soon tho! Also happy Kerli album release day! (Feels weird to say that tbh) Fave is mimicry, and everybody bleeds/where the dark things are currently tied for my second fave.

    Side note out of boredum I started playing FFXIV on my PS4 and need friends. XO


    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I used to play FFXIV myself but I haven't played in aaages! I do wanna get back into it so once you've finished the main plot let me know and we can play through the expansion pack together. :wink: Have fun!

  10. 2 min previews of Kerli's album for each song (not the instrumental tracks)



    mimicry isn't what I thought, don't hate it but don't love it like I thought.
    everybody bleeds the same and where the dark things are currently are my front runners, but even then, i'm not amazed like I was with the 4 singles prior




    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Can't be bothered listening to them all but the first couple sound good to me! I'm liking the sound of 'Mimicry' especially. ;) 

  11. hi im kerli

    im going to release my first single, savages, in november and film a video

    but that video isn't coming out till feb 22nd along side my album




    fucking dumb as shit.
    already said another video will be filmed, likely for single 3.
    why not release that one with the album? why wait 3-4 months after a single is released to debut its video?



    1. Moonchild


      Lol I don't care about music videos, I'm more focused on getting the album. But I totally agree with you, why would she release a single (which has a music video) to drop the video when everybody passed to her next single? I don't know why would she have done it that way. It's cool to have videos, but I care waaaaay more for the music, so it's fine she's actually delivering with the songs so far.

  12. password is kh3

    for those who would like to see the full opening for kingdom hearts 3



    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Stop tempting me with this, I'm trynna wait until I have the game in my hands... :yeah: 

  13. Kerli is releasing something on the 18th, from the looks of the way she's doing the teaser (Like she did savages, piece by piece artwork) it looks to be like Better comes out then.
    But we still need the Savages video too, so, who knows.


    Regardless, glad things are still on track!

  14. If anyone wants to see the Kingdom Hearts 3 intro, full and hd hmu

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