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  1. 2 min previews of Kerli's album for each song (not the instrumental tracks)



    mimicry isn't what I thought, don't hate it but don't love it like I thought.
    everybody bleeds the same and where the dark things are currently are my front runners, but even then, i'm not amazed like I was with the 4 singles prior




    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Can't be bothered listening to them all but the first couple sound good to me! I'm liking the sound of 'Mimicry' especially. ;) 

  2. hi im kerli

    im going to release my first single, savages, in november and film a video

    but that video isn't coming out till feb 22nd along side my album




    fucking dumb as shit.
    already said another video will be filmed, likely for single 3.
    why not release that one with the album? why wait 3-4 months after a single is released to debut its video?



    1. Moonchild


      Lol I don't care about music videos, I'm more focused on getting the album. But I totally agree with you, why would she release a single (which has a music video) to drop the video when everybody passed to her next single? I don't know why would she have done it that way. It's cool to have videos, but I care waaaaay more for the music, so it's fine she's actually delivering with the songs so far.

  3. password is kh3

    for those who would like to see the full opening for kingdom hearts 3



    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Stop tempting me with this, I'm trynna wait until I have the game in my hands... :yeah: 

  4. Kerli is releasing something on the 18th, from the looks of the way she's doing the teaser (Like she did savages, piece by piece artwork) it looks to be like Better comes out then.
    But we still need the Savages video too, so, who knows.


    Regardless, glad things are still on track!

  5. If anyone wants to see the Kingdom Hearts 3 intro, full and hd hmu

  6. Even if this comes out in 2 weeks, I want the HQ NOW.

    Ugh. This game is going to break my heart, I know it.



    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I really hope this game brings it... :yeah: We've been waiting so long, if it's anything less than perfect I know people are gonna be disappointed!

    2. Savages


      I'm terrified we're going to lose someone, like Riku.



      kingdom hearts sora GIF

  7. Next single from Shadow Works is 'Better', and the Savages video will be ready in the next few days.

  8. Kay, Kerli and Neon take note of Brooke and leak old shit plz xo

    1. nanapop99


      Bonnie too!!!!! :fishie:

  9. Savages

    Kerli - Unreleased

  10. Savages

    Who are your favorite members ?

    Kerli stans need to stick togayther.
  11. this video is going to be good i know ittt


  12. Kerli's book comes out the 29th.


  13. Idk why they posted that randomly, those are costumes from the Diamond Hard 360 video.

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