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  1. Ahhh thank you so much!! yeah it is very hard to get onto them! i'm with Ditto which seems better than TuneCore which i was with for my first release! Wasted on You. was my third release also and one of my favourites! Never give up!!
  2. Thank you so much!!! thank you for listening!! i've so much more music coming this year! more upbeat
  3. Hi everyone! Been a while but just thought i'd post letting you all know i've released so much music!! and my new single 'Close to You" is out on the 22nd of this month! Can't wait for you all to hear it! My biggest song has been 'Wasted on You.' which also got added to a spotify playlist last year!! Hope you all have a good new year!
  4. Hey everyone! So I’ve been working on music for a good while now and decided to finally start releasing some of it. it’s available on all streaming platforms! I released my first single Still Got Me in June and my second single Hurt Me in July!! ive a lot more music planned and I hope you all like it! ❤️ https://ditto.fm/hurt-me-sean-kevin https://open.spotify.com/album/1bbqbnEep8CZ1xZaJdrrgC?si=6ee26uYkST2hjwA2kACgoA
  5. Ella Henderson - "Honest" (2017) -album was completed before tour with James Arthur where they performed their song together called "Let's Go Home Together". The first single "Ugly" written by herself with Sasha Sloan, produced by Mac & Phil was planned to be released late 2017, early 2018 but then SYCO "lost faith" in the album and dropped her. Songs included: - Ugly - Cry Like A Woman - Solid Gold - Bones - Take Care of You - Single Again - Honest Now moving on to 2019, having signed a record deal with Rudimental's record label "Major Tom
  6. So as we know she has signed a new deal with Major Toms (owned by Rudimental) under Atlantic Records. Her album is coming this year and so far was worked with Jordan Riley a lot along with other producers/writers!! One song in particular she was wrote is with Anne-Marie, called "Don't Try to Love Me" Here's a document with all the songs registered for #EllaAlbum2 most of them are from when she was under Syco (?) https://docs.google.com/document/d/10nhnI1yoQ1DLOCMqEbEIfd1BiX4rxnB2N3-KiBqI_Yw/edit?usp=sharing She also has a collab with Rudimental coming out this y
  7. She is sharing a song tonight called ‘Love You Better’
  8. she's still on the Columbia Website!! and on the Sony Music France website... http://www.columbiarecords.com/artists/page/2/
  9. She’s been in the studio! Writing with/for other artists!
  10. Course i don't mind!! thank you and yeah i will now
  11. Yeah didn't realise! hahahaha sorry!!
  12. Yes all real titles lol here's the list i have: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10nhnI1yoQ1DLOCMqEbEIfd1BiX4rxnB2N3-KiBqI_Yw
  13. I didn't mean every single to be remixed, but i'd love for the Julia Michaels collab. and she posted them on her insta or her photographer did, i'll upload all the images i have now for you https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HgKDAeiXof1jU37VYNvG8A_UQwyvfFy5
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