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  1. SeanKevinMusic

    Ella Henderson - Second Album

    So as we know she has signed a new deal with Major Toms (owned by Rudimental) under Atlantic Records. Her album is coming this year and so far was worked with Jordan Riley a lot along with other producers/writers!! One song in particular she was wrote is with Anne-Marie, called "Don't Try to Love Me" Here's a document with all the songs registered for #EllaAlbum2 most of them are from when she was under Syco (🤬) https://docs.google.com/document/d/10nhnI1yoQ1DLOCMqEbEIfd1BiX4rxnB2N3-KiBqI_Yw/edit?usp=sharing She also has a collab with Rudimental coming out this year!
  2. SeanKevinMusic

    Ella Henderson - Second Album

    She is sharing a song tonight called ‘Love You Better’
  3. SeanKevinMusic

    Ella Henderson - Second Album

    she's still on the Columbia Website!! and on the Sony Music France website... http://www.columbiarecords.com/artists/page/2/
  4. SeanKevinMusic

    Some Of My Covers

    (made up titles too lol)
  5. SeanKevinMusic

    Ella Henderson - Second Album

    She’s been in the studio! Writing with/for other artists!
  6. SeanKevinMusic

    Some Of My Covers

    Course i don't mind!! thank you and yeah i will now
  7. SeanKevinMusic

    Some Of My Covers

    Yeah didn't realise! hahahaha sorry!!
  8. SeanKevinMusic

    Made Up Album Thread

    No problem!
  9. SeanKevinMusic

    Made Up Album Thread

    Yes all real titles lol here's the list i have: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10nhnI1yoQ1DLOCMqEbEIfd1BiX4rxnB2N3-KiBqI_Yw
  10. SeanKevinMusic

    Made Up Album Thread

    I didn't mean every single to be remixed, but i'd love for the Julia Michaels collab. and she posted them on her insta or her photographer did, i'll upload all the images i have now for you https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HgKDAeiXof1jU37VYNvG8A_UQwyvfFy5
  11. SeanKevinMusic

    Made Up Album Thread

    Thank you!! 😁
  12. SeanKevinMusic

    Made Up Album Thread

    ELLA HENDERSON - The Truth Is. - Release Date: June 22th Tracklist: 1. Superpower: Ella Henderson, Lauren Aquilina & Luke Fitton 2. Let's Go Home Together ft James Arthur: Ella Henderson, TMS & James Arthur 3. Home: Ella Henderson, Cass Lowe & Dallas Austins 4. Almost Love Song: Ella Henderson, Steve Robson & Lindy Robbins 5. Bones: Ella Henderson 6. Love Back: Ella Henderson, Steve Robson & Claude Kelly 7. Ugly: Ella Henderson & Sasha Sloan 8. Lions: Ella Henderson, Clarence Coffee & Steve Robson 9. Half In Love: Ella Henderson & Jez Ashurst 10. Cry Like A Woman: Ella Henderson, Warren Felder, Trevor Brown & William Simmons 11. Paperback Love: Ella Henderson, Jonny Coffer, Alan Lomax & Jamie Scott 12. Take Care of You: Ella Henderson, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter & Noel Zancanella 13. Waterfalls: Ella Henderson, Jonny Coffer & Jamie Scott DELUXE EDITION: 14. Honeymoon Days: Ella Henderson, Jez Ashurst & Rachel Furner 15. Lavender Hills: Ella Henderson, Hanni Ibrahim, Shungudzo Kuyimba & Patrick Patrickios 16. Painkiller: Ella Henderson & Johann Carlsson 17. Demons: Ella Henderson, Phil Cook & Jenna Andrews 18. The Faith: Ella Henderson & Sam Romans, Fraser T.Smith TARGET/JAPANESE 19. 17 Days: Ella Henderson, J Hart, Peter Rycroft & Jim Elliot 20. Solid Gold: Ella Henderson, TMS & Camille Purcell SINGLES: - Ugly Released in May - gearing up for the release of the album. Remix with someone for US. - Take Care of You Might be released featuring Julia Michaels... ? - Let's Go Home Together ft James Arthur released around Christmas time, to tie with the X Factor, Christmas no.1? It will be tied in with the release of James' new single too. - Cry Like A Woman Released after Christmas, to then lead into a big Collab with an artist... which will then see her take 3 months off and come back to release her next single off the next album? DIRECTION: - a lot more personal and honest, has a lot of soul influences that she grew up listening to. - Lyrics more story telling. (DON'T START WITH THE ALEXANDRA BURKE ALBUM...!) HAHAHA
  13. SeanKevinMusic

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Julia Michaels demos??? anymore ??? hahaha i'm sure she has enough songs to leak... - Little Too Much? - Timebomb? -How Do We Get Back to Love? -Truce? - Sink In (Her Version) ANything!!HAHAHA
  14. SeanKevinMusic

    Made Up Album Thread

    Julia Michaels - Nervous System (I can only dream that the Truce demo will leak) 1. Issues 2. How Do We Get Back To Love 3. Worst In Me 4. Deeply 5. Heaven 6. Make It Up To You 7. Pink 8. Don't Wanna Think 9. Truce 10. Bad Liar 11. Screaming Beauty 12. Are You 13. Never Your Girl 14. I'm Right Here 15. I Miss You (Acoustic Version) 16. Hate That You Know Me 17. Ins & Outs I love her version of Bad Liar live so i had to include that! How Do We Get Back To Love has to leak! i love it!! and Deeply, a song she sang live before this got released, i was surprised it didn't make the cut!
  15. SeanKevinMusic

    Some Of My Covers

    Since i broke my foot and have nothing else to do... i decided to do these: Kamille is a songwriter known as by Camille Purcell... she has written for MANY artists!!

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