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  1. I knew it wasn't jumprope but nobody will listen to me I feel like it's called pulling through idk why lol
  2. Did you guys hear about the newly leaked snippets that leaked yesterday: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f6dvlx1aadhbfph/AADQuuT5JUoU9h8W2VjBP-tZa?dl=0 and the leaked cover? YO PERSON WITH JUMPROPE, IS THIS SONG CALLED JUMPROPE? lol
  3. Wow you guys are so much better than me at this xP I'm level 11 but my highest pokemon is only 550 CP? Any suggestions to get higher?
  4. Yeah, if their name was "Teddy Sinclair" that's the name I remember them by lol
  5. Sorry for replying really late, but they are accually responding on this thread and they said they don't really wanna trade it, you can bother them though if you want because I think you are the one with rare CD rips but I currently don't remember their name rn xP
  6. I would like to hear JumpRope that Mr.Horder claims to have I told some people on the Melanie wiki about Jumprope and then they got mad and said I was lying
  7. :| I wonder how High School Crush sounds like.. May I hear a 5 second snippet? Just curious on how it sounds
  8. Who is "I Scream " and "High School Crush" by?
  9. Yup, also look at all the unreleased for "Cry Baby" ALONE: http://melanie-martinez.wikia.com/wiki/Songs_That_Didn't_Make_Cry_Baby These are the ones we DISCOVERED here at the Wiki...
  10. Yeah, like really look at the caption of this: She needs to stop teasing us
  11. Dennis ( @VisKip) please give us some Melanie (tagged or untagged) because if you do, I hope she will respect her fans a little more!
  12. Well, aren't we all flops because we are not music artists? Also, she was invited to Katy Perry's party so don't even
  13. Dennis, my crazy cool uncle, will you give me some Melanie Martinez - JumpRope or link me to all you have done so far papi? @VisKip Your quest for tagged Melanie will be one that will make us praise you like God.
  14. Ok thanks lol I was wondering what was going on
  15. If someone can politely get Jumprope and Schizo from the hoarder(s) Or maybe you could unglitch my signature because when I try to change it; it gives me giant pictures I deleted
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