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  1. reconciling with goldenxclusive ❤️ hope he takes me back even tho we were toxic for each other~ ^_^

    feeling: tired of these get toe unreleased camila sellers  💑🏩


    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Because only people who like drama and need to feel special and/or edgy by swapping illegal material get involved in trading :magic: 

    2. woke girl

      woke girl

      oh u replied hey king~ ^_^ i thought i was speaking into the void or whateva 😭😭

  3. when pop hates flops implements the victorious the slap dot com 'feeling: ___ *insert emoji*' feature oh yes trust you will catch woke girl using it 24/7 u_u

  4. PLS HOW DO YALL KNOW ABOUT THAT!@$?!@$H oh yes ^_^ that situation was a whole mess (also i am 100% convinced sassadee/lara27 are the same person) thats why i am never trading with *********** like he fr made a big deal about it like he fucking his sources for those songs or something@!$?$!@ LIKE DAM... 😭😭
  5. pls i wouldnt make alt accounts to pretend to be someone else bc thats weird imo 😭😭 however if what unreleased said was true (about believe being metrobrooming or whateva da hell his name is) then believe can attest that i am in fact the one and only woke girl and not unreleased (think back to the taxi group buy sista~)
  6. woke girl was at her lowest...fat, nasty and broke. career in shambles. she came on this bitch mad as hell!!!
  7. pls not that expose thread being made after i already paid $900 to unreleased for anyone (mind you the song leaked 2 days later) 😭😭 no cause i am embarrassed...
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