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  1. the way the three No's are definitely Joan, the alt You got me on Life Support, and the 2nd alt Follow The White Rabbit But I think they should be as they're rude to literally everyone on this forum and do not follow the rules
  2. 46 hours till Life Support is out in NZ so will be available on dbree and stuff, just saying for anyone who mentions it
  3. HAHAHAAH karma bitch also omg if ain’t easy is circulating after all these years then omg giaw next hoes
  4. i mean who knows with camila stans maybe unreleased might get it and then share it in her discord server and to lots of people without her friends who buy it knowing that she's sent it like she always does! queen of sharing
  5. can't remember if anyone said but also remember to be careful of lara27 as that's another one of a certain person's alt accounts, i have proof if no on believes me but lol anyways, anyone is still camila's best unreleased song
  6. Unreleased and I were hacked by believe. and that's all that's true on unreleased's side. believe leaked the songs Anyone and The Boy bc they were circulating. and then he was threatening him bc believe knew unreleased was lying to me and unknown. so yeah if that clears it up
  7. oh no believe did hack them and that's how the songs leaked and how they shared all this info to me and you guys yeah we knew we had been leaked, believe was kinda crazy when he first hacked us... but i only just found out all this yesterday
  8. if no one believes this is me here bc of the name difference, message me on leaked is and i can confirm. i just want everyone to be careful in future when dealing with this user
  9. hello. yup it's me sweetnere (longer name here though, really should've matched it up) and wanna clarify a few things. I have been notified of the thread believe made and he did contact me to tell me all of this. and i can confirm what he is saying is 100% true. me and unreleased has an argument last night about all of this to which he has removed all of our conversations, and deleted all his accounts on discord, leaked is and left their account here. so i can confirm what believe did say is true. but i'm glad you enjoyed the leaks, the songs are excellent and some of my faves of camila e
  10. someone leak i play with fire demo in hq ty and goodnignt
  11. it’s only natural circulating??? also that thesource snippet sounds bad like we-
  12. some insiders have it but won't sell it i NEED that song omg
  13. problem is some people can change the title of songs scrobbled which means it includes them as a listener (they do it for attention or so it’s there incase of future release or sumn), i don’t think it was traded, i think only insider have it and none will sell rip
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