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    RuPaul's Drag Race RuView: 9021-HO


    This week's Drag Race featured guest judges Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling returning to coach the queens' acting on a parody of 90210, 9021-HO; a job I'm sure they wish they'd turned down after they saw the daggers Nina was throwing at them with her eyes. With Cynthia Lee Fontaine out of the picture she often hogged, it was interesting to see who stepped up to the plate this week and who let the pressure get to them.


    In typical Drag Race style, the show within a show was a campy mess, parodying the format of 9021-HO with a random school lunchlady thrown in for good measure. Trinity Taylor took home a well deserved win for what was basically a recreation of Amy Poehler's "cool mom" from Mean Girls, while Valentina stunned us with just how beautiful she can look as the popular girl in school. While both of them did a great job in the battle, I can't help but hope that neither of them wins the war - Trinity is a super talented drag queen for sure, but there's something I find difficult to relate to in her personality, and Valentina is frankly just an irritant both in and out of drag.


    On the other hand we have Aja, who despite being what a certain stunner may call a "messy queen" was immediately more likeable to me. Aja's tantrums are at this point things of legend, with her "Linda Evangelista" meltdown spawning memes, t-shirts, and a whole song in its honour. But far from turning me off her, Aja's point of showing her own vulnerability in such an unguarded and unmanufactured way just makes me like her even more; and it helps that she consistently turns out great runway looks. I truly didn't think that Aja's performance in 9021-HO was bad; but really, none of the queens (apart from possibly Nina) had any major flubs this episode, and someone had to go. It's a shame but it seems as though Aja's workroom drama overshadowed her performance and ultimately led to her dismissal.


    At this point, my main question about this series is just how Farrah Moan has managed to keep her claws in the competition for so long. This girl is a ticking timebomb to go and I'm really shocked that shes outlasted someone like the incomporable Charlie Hides considering how many times she's lip synced. My crystal ball is telling me she won't last another week.

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