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Heartbreak Anthem

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6 hours ago, 012001 said:

Very random ask. Tina Barrett did a song Mwah Mwah with director Linzy Attenborough but this video was not released. She later redid the video but the original is unreleased. Any ideas if this leaked anywhere 

The video did not leak, but several behind-the-scenes photos did leak. I know Hannah was part of the video shoot.

3 hours ago, Main Pop Girl said:

It sucks it doesn't seem to be going as well as they hoped for, but I'm still just impressed they can even tour America!

I'm happy they're still going on the tour; just sucks it won't be on my birthday anymore. Oh well. Still looking forward to going!

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On 2/2/2024 at 6:53 AM, thetaco said:

I wonder if they’ll do Rachel Stevens’ solo B Sides after all the S Club EPs are done. It’s the same label

Who knows; last year would've been the time for Funky Dory to come on its 20th anniversary. Pretty sure the main focus, at this point, is the group as a cohesive piece.

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Seen someone in the toronto crowd with a device with an attena with another device so from experience I'm assuming these usually for recording the IEM signal, If the taper is here please let me know if you plan to release the audio (and hopefully you got a decent feed!)

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