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  1. I feel it would be some time before we get the Real Britney - Even with TV They could have her say was is needed to say for various reasons. I do hope things get better for her
  2. Diane Charlemagne (Cardboard Disco ‎– Out Of The Box) EP
  3. Thank you all for you replies - Apologies left it so long.
  4. Curiosity I am wondering how soundboard files come to light I know years ago people would tap into fm transmissions/bluetooth but now most of these methods are obviously protected how do these files get leaked and how would one get hold of an upcoming show?
  5. The Steps album What the future holds leaked with an alternate version "To The Beat Of My Heart". Pirate sites have now been flooded with the proper release, Has anyone still got the leaked version? https://www.generationsteps.co.uk/steps/tracklist.php states Leaked before the release of the What The Future Holds album. Features Lee vocals under all the verses, extra adlibs and harmonies in the final choruses and Lisa sings the whole middle-8.
  6. Hi do you have some info regarding the unreleased steps song year?, Title?
  7. I'm new but fascinated with the news and music news. If its ok can i have an invite
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