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The Most Surprising & Disappointing in 2018


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Just copy from Pitchfork's Readers Poll but add some materials

The Most Surprising Albums

Rosalia - El Mal Querer

LOONA - [+ +] (but O.E.C. outsold this universe)

NCT 2018 - NCT 2018 EMPATHY

Charlie Puth - Voicenotes (He has improved a lot and Shawn can kiss his ass)

Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar

The Most Surprising Singles

Tinashe's Joyride Outtakes (RCA sucks)

Lykke Li - hard rain

Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel

LOONA - Egoist (Olivia Hye, JinSoul)

Grimes - We Appreciate Power (feat. HANA) #PoppyIsOverParty

Anderson .Paak - 'Til It's Over (where's fka's new album?)

Apink - I'm So Sick

MAMAMOO - Egotistic

The Most Disappointing Albums


Shawn Mendes

(what reasons do these exist for)

The Carters - Everything Is Love

Drake - Scorpion

Kanye West - ye

Nicki Minaj - Queen


The Most Disappointing Singles

Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang

Maroon 5 - Girls Like You

6ix9ine - FEFE


Share your list!


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Most surprising albums:

Turn off the light by Kim Petras

Love Yourself: Tear by BTS

Jijitsujou by REOL

mono by RM


Most surprising singles:


Miracle by GOT7

Ride the WAV by Brooke Hogan

Bring It On - GigaP (seriously this was amazing omg) 


Most disappointing albums:

Queen by Nicki Minaj (I expected way more tbh) 

Mami by Alexandra Stan (I mean the tracks we didn't have already weren't that good. I pretty much only like Boy Oh Boy, Rablaton, Whine It Up and Noi 2)

Eminem - Kamikaze (seriously??? What was this album even?) 

Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake (I was so hyped after Filthy but the rest was just... Forgettable) 


Most disappointing singles:

Nueva Actitud by Kat Deluna (omg this was such a mess) 

And I don't know! I really didn't keep up with new music this year other than my flop faves :stretcher:

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Most surprising albums:

Turn Off The Light - Kim Petras

Invasion of Privacy - Cardi B

Selfless - Kiana Lede (literally never heard of her until she dropped her iconic EP)

Am I A Girl? - Poppy

Sweetener - Ariana Grande (I stan this album cause Pharrell does no wrong imo so fight me...)

Most disappointing albums:

Man of the Woods - Justin Timberlake

Camila - Camila Cabello aka Karla Cameltoe

Nadine - Nadine Coyle

Golden - Kylie Minogue (I better never hear another country pop album again after 2018...)

Most surprising singles:

Level Up - Ciara

Queen of Me | Could You Love Me - LiZ

Kream - Iggy Azalea

YES! - Louisa

APESHIT - The Carters

Most disappointing singles:

Ride the WAV - Brooke Hogan

Say Something - Justin Timberlake


FEFE - 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj

The Truth Is In There - Ally Brooke


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Most surprising singles: 

Venice Bitch - Lana Del Rey (9 mins of heaven)

Fall in Line - Xtina ft Demi (never thought those powerful voices would be in 1 song) 

God is a woman & breathin - Ariana (do I have to say anything) 

Thank you next - Ariana (first she disappears and she comes with loads of songs whoosh

No Angel/ Girls Night Out - XCX (PURE BOPS) 

We appreciate power - Grimes (never listened to her before, heardit cause of Poppy and issa bop)

Hurts like Hell by Madison Beer (co-written by xcx) 

Tears and Tantrums by XYLØ (co-written by xcx) 

1999 by XCX and Troye Sivan (didn't wanna put this, but the collab I thought would never happen) 

Baby by Clean Bandit ft. Marina & Despacito Guy (such a great comeback for Marina) 

come out and play by Billie Eilish (best work to date besides my boy imo if she doesn't release daddy)

Expectations by Lauren Jauregi (a lowkey bop) 

1% - Kiiara (another lowkii bop) 


Surprising Albums

Sweetener by Ariana 

(I love this Album except blazed, successful and tlic ?) [faves better off,  everytime, borderline and God is a woman]

Am I a Girl by Poppy

(I thought she only sung Bubblegum Pop, those drums and everything hurt my ears and I love it) [favorites Play Destroy leak feat. Grimes,  X]

Bloom by Troye

(My faves The Good Side & Lucky Strike) 

Forever Neverland by MØ 

(Such a exceptional album but forgetful,  I have to look at the album to remember how much I love it ?) [faves Purple like the summer rain & Blur]

Super Sunset by Allie X (her every album are bops) [faves Girl of the Year, Not So Bad in La]

R.O.S.E. (EP's) by Jessie J [phenomenal album and the ep sequence is awesome] (faves Someone's Lady)

SQUARE UP by BLACKPINK (blackpink!!!) 

Okay Albums

Joyride by Tinashe (faves No Drama and Faded Love)

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae (first time hearing her but good)

Dissapointing Albums

Queen by Nicki Minaj (couldn't hold up the sequence to Pinkprint) 

15 mixtape by Bhai Bhabie (the intro ?) [faves Hi bich & Gucci Flip flops]

Okay Single

Electricity - Dua Lipa (Bad to You is x100 times better)

Ruin my Life - Zara Larsson (expected more) 

Worst Single of the Year

Girls Like You - cardi b

Zeze by Who? 

Cancelled Albums/EP/Mixtape

NASHE: Mixtape by Tinashe  (cancelled by RCA her fucking label ?

XCXWORLD/XCX3 - Charli XCX (cause most of it leaked, I happy those leaked cause her might have ended up choosing non-experimental songs, and more bummblegummy songs and we would've got another SUCKER)



XCXWORLD by Miss Xcx

Joyride Outtakes by Tinashe [faves Gold (idc if she doesn't sing it) and Prisoner]

Bonnie Mckee Leaks

Lana Del Rey Leaks

and last of all, Melanie Martinez Leaks (faves 99¢ Store, Schizo and Haunted) [please don't come at me]





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The Most Surprising Albums

Bebe Rexha - Expectations (Ferrari still snatch my wig everytime)
BoA - 私このままでいいのかな, One Shot Two Shot, Unchained & Woman (I mean she released 4 albums this year!!!! :yaskween:)
Charlie Puth - Voicenotes
JoJo (2018) & The High Road (2018) [Best Christmas Gifts EVER!!)
Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour (My album of the year <3)
Sabrina Carpenter - Singular: Act I

The Most Surprising Singles

Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over
Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel
LIZ - Could U Love Me
Nina Nesbitt - Loyal to Me

The Most Disappointing Albums

Ariana Grande - Sweetener
Tinashe - Joyride
Robyn - Honey (The title track is great tho)

The Most Disappointing Singles

Bonnie McKee - Sleepwalker (I still hate her for that :tanya:)
Carly Rae Jepsen - Party For One (Still better than Warm Blood & Black Heart but not what I was expecting.)
Christina Aguilera - Accelerate

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3 hours ago, nanapop99 said:


The Most Disappointing Albums

Ariana Grande - Sweetener
Tinashe - Joyride
Robyn - Honey (The title track is great tho)

The Most Disappointing Singles

Carly Rae Jepsen - Party For One (Still better than Warm Blood & Black Heart but not what I was expecting.)
Christina Aguilera - Accelerate


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I'm super late to this, but for me the most surprising artists of 2018 were Kim Petras and Shawn Mendes! Kim was a totally new find for me but she impressed me so much with her brilliant songwriting and unique productions. On the other hand, Shawn is an artist who I wrote off as a boring teen idol, but some of the music off his latest album is brilliant. 'In My Blood' and 'Lost In Japan' especially are both brilliant!

As for the biggest disappointment, I definitely have to give the dubious honour to Ariana. :stretcher: I was never a stan of hers but she always had at least a couple of good standout tracks on each album, but Sweetener was just a total mess from start to finish. Even the stuff from her newer album has been disappointing imo. It's a shame because she has talent but she's definitely gone down the wrong path with this music.

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