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Rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in Miami

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And here all this time I thought his Rapper name was XXXTension.  Not that I am a big Rap fan, so I really never paid any attention to him.  (Except for a few of the Lady Rappers.  Namely, My Queen Nicki, the Princess Cardi B.  And last but not least.......The Princess in waiting.....Bhad Bahbie).   I really do not care about the Rap scene. 


Shot while out shopping for a motorcycle.  Gang hit or random Car Jacking?  According to the one story I read, the shooter just walked up to his car and shot him.  Not to be a rude dude, but I probably won't be shedding any tears over him. 

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I'm in two frames of mind over this.
I never wish death upon anyone, it's a bad thing which as much as we joke about, isn't a nice thing to happen to anyone.
However, he was homophobic, abusive, a rapist and did so many disgusting and vile things throughout his whole life which he still continued to do recently until his death.
Am I happy about his death?
Am I sad about his death?
The whole thing "karma" came into play after his death came out, many saying he got what was coming to him for doing all the horrible things he did and said, and I agree.
However, as much as I'm glad he cannot hurt anyone mentally or physically again, the only people I feel bad for here are his family.

It's one of those situations that both ends have pro's and cons and there's not really a definite answer really.

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