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Millie Bobby Brown Deletes Social Media Over Homophobic Memes

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Did you guys hear about this? :cackle: 

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has deleted her social media following some "homophobic" memes that have been spread by her from her fans.

You can peep some of them below. Full disclosure, I think they're hilarious and I cackle every time I see one but I feel bad if she was upset by them. :orly: 









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On 6/19/2018 at 4:21 AM, Volcanion said:

I mean, I know that she didn't post them herself.

On one hand, I see her deleting her accounts as a little extreme, but the support is nice.


These are hilarious by the way...

Right? I think anyone who truly thinks she made these images herself is the real issue, not her or the people who memefied her. People need to learn not to believe everything they see on the Internet and not to take shit so seriously. :cackle: 

On 6/19/2018 at 4:52 AM, Ari said:

The devil works hard but the fags work harder

She better promo 'Knees' by Bebe Rexha!


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