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Katy Perry Kicks Off Witness The Tour

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Katy Perry kicked off her Witness The Tour yesterday in Montreal and it looks banging!

Check out the setlist:


1. “Witness”
2. “Roulette”
3. “Dark Horse”
4. “Chained to the Rhythm”

5. “Teenage Dream”
6. “Hot N Cold”
7. “Last Friday Night”
8. “California Gurls”
9. “I Kissed a Girl”

10. “Deja Vu”
11. “Tsunami”
12. “E.T.”
13. “Bon Appetit”

14. “Thinking of You”
15. “Save as Draft”
16. “Power”

17. “Hey Hey Hey”
18. “Part of Me”
19. “Swish Swish”
20. “Roar”

21. “Firework”


The setlist is amazing and her outfits were really good too. I wish she performed "Unconditionally" and "Wide Awake", but I am also fine with his setlist.

The rumor has it, Katy filmed the last scenes of her The Witness Documentary as well yesterday.

She really served vocals, outfits, and choreography.



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Little baby Noah was opening the show and she sang Lady Gaga's Million Reasons EDM version and it was amazing! She has really improved and we stan!


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I like Noah, but she needs to stick to destroying her own songs in live performances and not come for Gaga's masterpieces... :disgusted: It's not nice to kick Gaga while she's down and unable to tour while you're supporting her rival! :tanya: 

As for Katy, it's sad to see how many songs from Witness are on the setlist...Their should have been five at most given how messy most of them are. :hottie: 


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9 hours ago, Tweener said:

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Please login or register to see this link.

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Those visuals. Gaga wishes

Gaga remains unbothered.


Miley is needing some CPR tho.


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      Another day, another hole in the sinking ship that is Katy Perry's Witness album.
      So far this era, Katy has been accused of cultural appropriation, approving of misogyny and homophobia, and being an all around tryhard mess. Now, with the release of her latest music video for 'Swish Swish', Katy has proven the latter, while adding a new SJW buzz word to the description of herself: fat shamer.
      The 'Swish Swish' video was released several days ago, and features Perry putting together a group of misfit sportsmen - the Tigers - to take down a group of pro basketballers - the Sheep. Over the course of the video, Katy's crew - which includes people such as Backpack Kid, known as Pack Man; choreographer Dexter Mayfield, known as Hair Jordan; and YouTube vlogger Christine Sydelko, referred to as Shaquille O'Meals - learn to channel their negative moments into positive earnings and ultimately win the game.
      But not everyone was happy about Sydelko's appearance in the video. Over the course of the six and a half minute clip, Sydelko chows down on some tacos, eats a basketball and then burps it back up, and seduces one of her opponents over a tortilla. According to Twitter, this was unforgiveable "fat shaming" which turned Sydelko's appearance into one big fat joke and made the video unwatchable.
      The situation was made worse when Sydelko's vlogging partner, Elijah Daniel, took to Twitter to vent his frustrations on her behalf.

      The two YouTubers also took to their channel later on to react to the video live. While Elijah continued his tirade against Perry, Christine was understandably more diplomatic, and said that she wasn't offended by the video in the slightest.
      For our part, while we understand the point that Twitter users were trying to make, we frankly think that Christine should be thankful for even being given the opportunity to star in a music video from one of the worlds biggest stars. 'Swish Swish' currently has over 40 million views which is more than Elijah and Christine's channel put together, and will be syndicated worldwide in countries around the globe. That's exposure YouTube could never get you.
      Christine also claims that she was unaware of the emphasis that would be placed on her weight in the video, which is standard practise for most music videos which don't want to reveal their plots before release. However, there was no mention of her ever trying to voice her concerns about the video to the director and if worse had come to worse she could have simply refused to participate. In our opinion, this is simply another case of someone taking the money and exposure a star will give them, before turning around and spitting in their face for more publicity.
      But what are your thoughts?
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      Katy Perry is one of the biggest names in pop music in the last ten years, with her sudden rise to fame from being a mere Christian gospel singer who would often sing in her local church, to being a global success story with five number one singles from just one album. Katy has proven her ability to accelerate up the charts numerous times, earning records that only the King of Pop Michael Jackson has to his name...but the question is, how many of these things have been achieved with her latest era, Witness?
      With the release of her fourth studio album Witness, Katy has gone through some major changes that have left most fans of the Teenage Dream Katy confused and rather upset. Let's take a look at how her previous albums and eras have ranked compared to her latest.

      Kathryn Perry, an innocent and sweet Christian gospel singer debuted with her brand new and evolved image as the punk-rock "Katy Perry" with the release of her first studio album One Of The Boys in 2008. She gained a sizeable fanbase and loyal listeners during this era, catching the general publics and critics eyes. In April of 2008, she released her first single from the album, 'I Kissed A Girl'. The song reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 scoring Katy her first number one, and is now 5x platinum in the United States, with the album being certified Platinum as well. 

      Five years after her debut studio album, Katy released what is now one of her most successful and iconic albums, Teenage Dream. The bubblegum pop album was critically acclaimed and loved by the general public. The album gained a Grammy nomination from the #1, now diamond certified song 'Firework' which has become a global hit and a defining moment of Katy's career. In total the album gained five number ones on the Billboard Hot 100, which set many records as Katy was compared to Michael Jackson in the media. She released multiple music videos which have become some of Katy's signature pieces, such as the videos for 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' and 'California Gurls'. Teenage Dream has been certified 3x platinum in the United States as of 2017, and has since been celebrated with a re-release of the album featuring new tracks along with a tour and feature film, Katy Perry: Part of Me.

      Shortly after, Miss Perry released her third studio album Prism in which she released more of her defining singles such as 'Dark Horse' and 'Roar'. Both singles were released alongside two iconic music videos which have gone down in history as some of Katy's greatest. Both singles also went number one on the Billboard chart, scoring Katy a whopping eight number one singles. Not only did she score two number one singles, but she also performed at the 49th Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2014, where thousands of people watched her perform many of her career defining songs.

      Now...last but certainly least, in 2017 Katy released her fourth studio album Witness which was debuted with the lead single, 'Chained To The Rhythm'. The song introduced a new side of Katy: a politically charged chameleon which fans were indecisive on whether they liked or not. The song landed at number four on the Billboard 100, which while impressive is also the lowest chart placement for one of her lead singles. Shortly after the release of the first single, she released 'Bon Appetit' which landed at #59 on the Hot 100, even with multiple performances and an expensive-looking music video. 'Bon Appetit' is now her worst charting single to date, and lowest charting second single throughout her entire career. Katy has not only failed commercially but has also been critiqued on her horrendous performances with Migos where she was lousy, boring and racist with her mimicking of the rap groups dance moves. During this era Katy has been hit with multiple accusations of bigotry with her insensitive Obama jokes.
      This leads me onto my second question, and the most important one of all. How exactly can Katy come back from this horrific era, if it's possible at all?
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      Pink has been a busy bee lately promoting her upcoming album Beautiful Trauma and its lead single 'What About Us?'. During an interview with KISS FM UK, she was asked to pick a side in Taylor Swift and Katy Perry‘s ongoing feud. The biggest feud since Hilary and Lindsay, Taylor vs. Katy apparently began when Taylor accused Katy of stealing dancers from her tour, and has escalated ever since.
      Wonder which side P!nk took? Wonder no more! She said:
      Seems like P!nk is more of a Swiftie than a Katycat. All we can say is "Swift Swift Bitch" or however it goes.
      Katy has recently said that she is ready to let the feud go and that she's sorry for anything she ever did. After all, it feels like the media are more bothered with the feud than the people involved at this point.

      Did P!nk make the right decision?

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