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Bonnie McKee - Hot City (aka Epic Album)


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2 hours ago, blonde-rebellion said:

was So Called Life considered for the Epic album or did it just leak around the same time as the demos? Would looove that one to get an official release !! (as well as Waking Up Diagonal but idk if that would be possible)

2010, never for Epic but people added it because it leaked around the time of SLAY, and people were desperate for new Epic songs. If you're looking for a Hot City version, I've heard Up To Me (from epic sessions) is very similar. Also the song is called 'My So Called Life'

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This is one of my absolute favorites. I really think it could’ve been Britney’s Teenage Dream moment if executed correctly. The title is so nostalgic and it’s just The Bop of Femme Fatale for me😇 it’s miles better than Till The World Ends. Which Bonnie also sings really the bulk of lol

Bonnie McKee - Seal It With A Kiss (AI Cover)


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Vague Forever 21 MV Spoilers


Theme is about past her being a drunk mess at an event you shouldn’t be drunk & disorderly at to really tell the story behind forever 21. So she chose a wedding. She’s the bridesmaid that everyone is judging for being too crazy and drunk. Meanwhile the bridesmaids are trying to keep her in line. They get to the tossing of the bouquet & Bonnie sees it & wants it & fights for it & even bites I believe Eden’s leg at one point. It’s very fun & silly. Very cute mv.


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6 hours ago, cocomong said:

Vague Forever 21 MV Spoilers

  Reveal hidden contents


Do you know when it will be published?

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if anyone’s interested and has insta, you should go over and like some posts from http://instagram.com/unavailablealbums

hes trying his best to get bonus tracks and releases for pop, r&b and hip hop available everywhere and trying to get the labels attention

there’s also his page for unreleased singles and eps

he adds tons of tags and tries everything he can to get labels to notice the requests so maybe add some likes or replies to his posts to help out :)

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On 6/2/2024 at 9:28 PM, TakeYouToHell said:

Hot City album streams on Spotify so far:

DGMGF - 18 487

Hot City - 710 828

Jenny's Got A Boyfriend - 114 155

Show You Mine - 13 207

I Wanna Call You - 11 737

American Girl - 22 222 583

Forever 21 - 13 156 

Slay - 644 153

Electric Heaven - 11 593

Worst in Me - 8345

Snatched - 10 019

Sleepwalker -  1 250 160

Just a Kiss - 6044

Rewind Your Heart - 7671 

Everything but You - 6620

Stars In Your Heart - 236 624

Total streams: 25,285,382

It's doing okay considering the fact she has 0 playlisting (except that one for Electric Heaven). By the end of the month every track should have at least 70-100k streams:wink:

Can you make an update please ?

I sadly don't know how to do to know the streams.

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