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Carrie Fisher Stable After Heart Attack On Plane


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Carrie Fisher is in stable condition after suffering a medical emergency aboard a flight Friday, according to the Associated Press.

Her brother, Todd Fisher, told the AP that she was "out of emergency" and stabilized at a Los Angeles hospital Friday afternoon. He said he could not discuss any other details about what happened.

But a local ABC affiliate reports she is still "on a ventilator" and TMZ says Fisher is still in "critical condition."

According to several media reports, the actress suffered a heart attack on a flight  Friday afternoon.

TMZ and The Los Angeles Times reported that the actress, best known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars film franchise, was on a flight from London to Los Angeles when she went into cardiac arrest. TMZ reports that the emergency occurred about 15 minutes before landing, and an EMT on the plane administered CPR before landing. The plane arrived just after  noon PST and Fisher, 60, was rushed by paramedics to the UCLA Medical Centerl. The LA Times reported that she is in critical condition.


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I heard about this earlier today and I was so worried for her... :'( Apparently people on the flight said that she wasn't breathing for ten minutes which doesn't sound good at all, because even if she recovers from the heart attack she might have brain damage. :/ I'm hoping that she's okay and makes it to at least the last film of this new Star Wars trilogy! :( 

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