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Artwork Crossover


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Spin-off of this thread

Recreating album artworks using other album artworks' styles.


These are mine for starters :

Sam Hunt's Montevallo in style of Banks' Goddess


Banks' Goddess in style of Sam Hunt's Montevallo


Sam Hunt's Montevallo in style of Lana Del Rey's Born To Die


Oh Wonder's Oh Wonder in style of Broods' Conscious



Share yours below :excited:

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24 minutes ago, Jump Rope said:

Oh my god!!!!!!! These are so good I have no words, amazing. Perfect. Brilliant.

thank you :)

20 minutes ago, Countess said:

This is such a fucking cool concept! :hail: I might try my hand at some BTD style ones, or even something for one of my flops that looks like this:


BTD artwork is the best there is, and that is a cool artwork, also not that hard to copy i guess

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30 minutes ago, GINGERGREEN said:

holy moly, Goddess and Montevallo swaps are GLORIOUS. Do more please. :stretcher:

Halcyon by Ellie Goulding would be a cool thing to recreate, just saying :roll:

thanks and yeah, i think so too but idk what to crossover it with

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