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In tonights "Britney shades somebody without even knowing"

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The true queen of shade Godney Spears has somebody new on her Radar, on her Radar (REFERENCE)

Today the living legend was a guest in some Australian Radio show where she confirmed that her sons are Pokémon Masters and that Rihanna's idea of banning pokémon from her concert is "Fucking Hilarious" and well Brit, I agree.

Then she was subtly asked what team she was on #TeamKaty or #TeamTaylor and she chose #TeamTaylor or did she? In true Britney style she threw a little bit of shade toward the soon-to-be-Hitler girl. If you remember Iggy Azalea was a target for queen B's shade last year.


"I've never met her before" is becoming as ICONIC as "I don't know her"


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Omfg, is that first photo really Taylor? :stretcher: I've changed my whole opinion on her now. I'm so glad she made it big in Hollywood and got a makeover because if she'd had to look like that for the rest of her life it would have been tragic. :'( 

How awkward was the Rove and Sam interview tho? One of the most uninspired interviews I've ever heard tbh...

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