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Hey guys!


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Since I'm not too sure what to actually say here, I'll just put down 10 random things about me and act like it gives some kind of background on me!

1) This time next week, I'll be watching Troye Sivan live (fucken Troye stan over here)

2) I hit 8k followers on my terrible Instagram meme account yesterday

3) People say I would be a good teacher when I'm older, only thing is I'd rather pull a Cordelia Foxx with a pair of garden shears than deal with children for a living (Funny, since I'm still in school)

4) I once got 400 upvotes on a subreddit for posting a meme I didn't even make and I still feel guilty about it

5) I'm too gay to function

6) I have 2 weeks worth of work to do right now but instead I'm making a terrible mashup of CupcakKe - Deepthroat and Break Free

7) Karmin's reposted me on Instagram twice

8) I had a decently rare instrumental a few years back (I don't even rememebr what it was) and I used it only for listening cause I didn't even know that trading was a thing (I only discovered it a few months ago I have no idea what 90% of it is)

9) My birthdays on September 4

10) A teacher once pulled me aside to ask if I was ok cause I was making too many self deprecating jokes in class

Thats about it! See y'all around the forums ;)

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