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Hello, Ola, Bonjour, Alohaaaa!

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So I've been following this blog for a week and I think it's about time that I reached out to you delightfully sassy, interesting, music loving people.

Calling out to all Skylar Grey and Amelia Lily fans - Hey!

Britney Spears is my music goddess, Ellie Goulding - a princess?
Big love for Ke$ha, Sia and AURORA.

'Not so secret 'crushes: Spice Girls, Crystal Castles, Grimes....

I like music.

Oh, I come with gifts.... Sia fans - I own the original promo CD for Some People Have Real Problems (Instrumental Album) so I've uploaded a few in WAV.

In the download you can also find my 'trade list' - don't get toooooo excited about it though!


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