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SAARA | Discography (Worded)


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Noticed that a few people are getting into her now, so I decided to make a very small (still to grow) discography for SAARA!


- Ur Cool (2015)

- I Do (2016)

- California (2016)


- Full Moon Fever

- Stand Up Women 

- Healer

- Sentimental Journey

- Diamonds

- I'm Alright

- Hello

- Valo (That's her dog's name so I guess it's about her dog)

- Just For Today

- Maybe You Do

- I Got It Real Bad

- Just You Wait

- Sun Isn't Shining 

- Nobody's Wife

- Too Young To Die

- Air Addicts

- Views From An Airplane

- Nothing Falls Apart

- Clap Your Hands

- Work With What You Got

- Ain't Got Time

- My Heart Wants Me Dead (Demo)

- Gushy Gushy

- Young & Stupid

- Bass Drum

- Starlight

- Reasons

- You Think (Demo for a K-pop group)


- Cool For The Summer (Demi Lovato)

- Sugar (Maroon 5)

- Sorry (Justin Bieber)


- Untitled [Scrapped] (2015)

- TBA (2016)


- Watcha Waitin On' (Tay Jaspar)

- Vauvoja (Kasmir)


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