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Hey, pop culture lovers!

Out of the Woods

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Pleasure to meet you all!!! <3 <3

I am a great admirer of pop culture, as you all can see! I've been in other forums before. But I never stayed long enough in one. I hope here I may be able to remain exchanging ideas, tips and discuss about the universe of pop culture!

I'm a huge fan of Gaga, Xtina, Taylor, Britney! But I like the majority of pop singers. I really don't have a "freshness" about being a lover of good music! :D

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1 hour ago, Countess said:

Welcome babes! <3 I'm always glad to have another Gaga fan on board, I need someone to back me up in these stan wars. :vacuum: Congratulations on your flawless taste in music tho, 'Out of the Woods' is basically the only listenable song from Taylor for me. :hail: 

Thank you very much for your reception, boo! <3

Awwww, Gaga makes me crazy! I just can't hold me to listen to his next album. Definitely the album of this year! Your body is ready for #LG5? And, whenever you need a Gaga stan, I'm here! :hail: 

OOTW is my favorite song from the last album of Taylor and possibly my favorite of his career.  :hail: I really glad to find OOTW fans! Most people who liked the album prefer the other songs...

1 hour ago, Cypher said:

Solid choices! I was a fan of Out of the Woods from the beginning!

YEEEEAHH!! :hail: Another OOTW fan! This is better than I expected omg

57 minutes ago, RadiantEdits said:

:welcome: Hey Boo, Welcome! <3 Why are ya'll lying tho? Out Of Lyrics isn't good :shocked:

Heeey, boo! How are u? Thanks!! <3

For you to be saying that, you should be 'I Wish You Would' fan. :shocked:

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