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Becky Gesus To Make Film Debut In Iconic Role As...

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Okay, let’s get down to business: When is your album coming out? 

That is my favorite question in the whole world, because my favorite answer to give is, “Soon!” No, honestly, it’s been a long process from being signed when I was 14 years old. Now I’m going to be turning 19, and it’s been a journey. It’s been a long journey. I still haven’t released an album, but there’s no specific reason for it. Timing is everything, and I do not want to sacrifice my creativity for the sake of a deadline. 

I feel like I still do other things to entertain my fans and give them music along the way, but now we’re in a place where we’re making really great music. I’m so excited to put together a track list and find a day and put it out there. We’re probably looking at, like, top of next year, first quarter.

Yeah, and you have to juggle that with the Power Rangers movie, which you start filming early next year. 

That’s so cool. I know, I was super geeking out, like legitimately. I didn’t even know what I was auditioning for. I had no idea it was Power Rangers. 


No, I got some sides sent to me from my agent while I was on tour. I was like, “Girl, I ain’t got time for this! I’m on a tour bus, I’m doing shows every single night, I’m tired!” I didn’t even read them. I was just like, “Timing right now is not good.” 

My agent’s like, “Look, it doesn’t go away. The opportunity’s still here, and it’s been like a week now. Can you just film it so I can send it to the director and we can just be done?” I read the sides and was like, “Oh, this girl’s cool, for sure.” Literally, like in one take, I just set up my phone, had my cousin read the other character, and then was done. 

There weren’t any context clues? 

It was more personality scenes that I was doing. It was really weird, because then they told me what it was for, and I was like, “No way!” 

Were you a Power Rangers kid growing up? 

For sure. I think for some people, they’re like, “Isn’t Power Rangers cheesy?” No! What’s so cool about being a part of this is we’re going to give it a whole new identity. It’s going to be so much more creative and so much more relevant to now. I feel like a lot of kids, and even people older, too, are really going to be able to relate to it. 

That’s what I’m interested in—why now? What does a Power Rangers reboot have to offer the world in 2017? 

I can’t say much about it, but like I said, I feel like it’s going to be so relatable. It’s not just, “Morphin’ time!” [Gomez puts her hands together and acts out the old morphing sequence.] Literally you’re going to see these kids grow up in front of your eyes. That to me is going to be so cool to play because this is my first movie ever. I was just in Vancouver, where we’re going to be shooting, and apartment-hunting—I’ve never lived on my own! This is a whole new experience for me, and this character is also experiencing something new for her as well. 

You seem to have grown up in the public eye in a way that feels very natural and gradual. “Break A Sweat” is really different from “Shower,” but you didn’t have a “shocking” coming out moment as, like, Adult R-Rated Becky G. 

No, and that’s something I like to be very, very conscious of. At the end of the day, I want to make myself happy as an artist, because I have to sit down at these radio stations and talk about the song that I’m singing. I have to go on stage and perform it. If I don’t love the song, if I don’t relate to it, then what am I doing? This generation, we can tell when something’s too thought-out or too manufactured, and I don’t want to be that. I feel like what’s so respectable as an artist, when I see other people, is when they’re honest and an open book. That’s how I was raised to be. 

Even nowadays, girls will be like, “Why is your outfit showing a lot?” And I was like, “Because I’m confident in my body, okay? It’s not necessarily that I want to promote that sexuality is awesome and great and “Show your body!” No, but be proud of who you are, and if you have a part of you that you love the most, of course show it off. 

How has the working version of the album changed between the “Shower” era and now? 

I’ve grown up. I’ve definitely grown up a lot. At that moment in my life, the only thing I really had gone through was hanging out with my family and listening to other music. Now I’m at this age when I’m really living. I’m traveling, I’m in relationships and I’m feeling things—that’s so inspiring to me. Now I’m in a whole new head space. I’m a woman now, you know what I mean? I can dress differently, I can speak differently, I can make different kinds of music now. It gives me a lot of freedom as an artist. 

I’ve gotten to tour, I’ve gotten to work with other artists, [I’ve gotten to] take what I’ve learned from them and apply it to what I’m doing now and let my music evolve. Not that my music wasn’t ready then, but I just feel like there was no strategy behind it. Again, I don’t want to sacrifice my creativity for the sake of a deadline ever. I’d rather take a little bit more time for it to be perfect than to just put something out so it can make money. Like, no! That’s not what I stand for at all. 

With the album, it’s more grown, it’s more honest. There’s definitely a lot of things that I went through growing up that I’m learning have really have affected me as a person. My parents are high school sweethearts, for instance. I feel like everything always comes back to love. Being Latina, we’re very passionate people, and I love to love. The way that they love and all the things they’ve gone through, I learned to love that way. But I can’t really apply it to my career because I’m never going to have time to be with anybody. As a teenage girl, I want to have a cute boyfriend! But I don’t got time for one. When you do have one, it’s great, but then you’re in this tug between [work and your relationship]. I’m taking that inspiration, being super honest about it and applying it to my music. It’s so relatable. 

Your character on Empire was briefly in a girl group. If you had to form a girl group right now with two other living artists, which ones would you pick? 

I would love to do a modern-day TLC. I grew up listening to a lot of ’90s music and early 2000s music, so I would love to like pay tribute to that. For sure the other person I would love to have in the group, because she’s like a homie of mine, would be Kehlani. I love her, and she is also inspired by that era as well. We take that and apply it to our music now. And then I think Zendaya would be really awesome too. 

Okay, so now that you’ve been on Empire, when are you going to be on Jane the Virgin? 

Oh my God. The opportunity’s been there but again, schedule-wise, it never really works out. I got to do a remix of one of my songs for the show, which was used in a lot of the promotions. When the commercials would come on and you could hear my song, I’d be like, “Oh my God, Jane the Virgin and my song, this is crazy!” That I super fan-girl’d over. It’s such a great show. I’ve known Gina [Rodriguez] since before the show even happened. 


When will your flop Hispanic fave? :hail: Neva!

Becky Gesus breaking boundaries since her birth in 2003!

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