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Charlie Sheen Sex Tapes Being Shopped Around

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Things are going from bad to worse for Charlie Sheen. A week after the star revealed he’s HIV positive, a new report claims he paid hush money to cover up FIVE hardcore sex tapes, which include threesomes and a wild romp with a transsexual according to a new report.

Charlie Sheen, 50, has admitted to paying out millions in hush money to cover up his HIV positive status, but apparently some of that money has gone to prevent the release of hardcore sex tapes! There are at least five home-made erotic videos involving Charlie, which include both men and women, as well as a transsexual who made a tape of the encounter with Charlie and used it to extort money from him, according to a bombshell new report.

In addition to the video of Charlie orally pleasuring a man in Las Vegas in 2011, the new videos that Charlie allegedly paid to keep secret are said to include a tryst he had with a gay Hollywood party boy, who held on to the home video of the pair engaging in hardcore sex. Another features wild romp with a transsexual that was secretly recorded and used against him in a blackmail plot. And shockingly there are two videos of threesomes involving ex-wife Brooke Mueller and male lovers according to a new report via Radar Online. 

One of the threesome videos with Brooke was supposedly behind Charlie’s bizarre 2009 Christmas Day arrest in Aspen, CO, after he allegedly grabbed Brooke by the throat and pinned a knife to her while threatening to kill her. “Brooke regularly filmed their bedroom antics,” a source told the website. “When she threatened to publicly release a tape recorded in Aspen, Charlie exploded.” 

“Charlie did not want his HIV secret being revealed to the world, but the reality is — in too many cases to keep count — he was caught on video as well! These are hardcore sex tapes. He was paying to ensure they never saw the light of day — in addition to ensuring the individuals did not disclose his medical condition,” an insider told the website. “Ultimately, these people realized that Charlie would pay much, much more than any media organization — to ensure the sex tapes were destroyed.”


This article is a fucking mess. :stretcher: I mean, the source is Radar Online so I guess nothing they say can be seriously trusted, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did have one or two sex tapes floating around. He was completely out of his mind for a couple of years back there so it would make sense that someone would try and take advantage of that.

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