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Cosmic - Matilda Mantis

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      I have some news, to join the album I have been making a online expierence to go with the album called "The Cosmic Experience" and it features photos, videos, texts, extra songs, and more. It is a major part of the album and tells the story of the album in a more obvious way.

        The story of the album is the creation of Matilda, who is she, and where did she come from and more. This story reflects a period of my life that shaped me as a person and a artist making it a very personal creation. I cried during parts of it's creation due to how personal they were, and it reflects, it is not a fun album and is a very taxing album to listen to.



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I got news, the album is on track for a spring release! Also other good news, after a performance at a friends private party, I have been able to film a music video, thanks to a 200$ tip! I haven't figured the video out yet but it's on the drawing board at the moment. The Cosmic Experience is coming along well and also on track for a release with the album. However I got bad news, some of the planned tracks got erased thanks to a drunk mistake but they were interludes that I can easily rerecord. Album art work prototypes have been done and are looking good, expect a preview for quality control soon! 

Stay Cosmic.

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