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Lana - Eclipse

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I just googled "welcome to my wild world. my dark city- my dark people" and all that comes up is stuff about Lana Del Rey... maybe the first single is called Eclipse, with the lyrics "welcome to my wild world. my dark city- my dark people"

We could speculate all day long but we'll never be sure because mostly everything Lana does/says, she has a specific meaning behind. I guess we can wait these next few weeks out until the single announcement.

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Very interesting concept! The moon is such a romantic image to me and I'd love a whole album based around it where each song represents a new phase of it. I'm sure it's just gonna turn out to be another 'Telephone (Part 2)' situation where fan speculation makes us read way too far into everything and we end up disappointed by the lousy end result, but I like it as an idea anyway. :stretcher:

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