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Rebecca Black Tweets Unreleased Lana Lyrics


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I don't think these are unreleased lyrics but they are one of Lana's old twitter descriptions soo. o:-)

I'm your vulgar darling in the swimming pool

Glimmering you say that you're nobody's fool

I know that babe, I know that

But it doesn't mean you can't come in and get cool

From Moi Je Joue



I know they're similar to the lyrics from Moi Je Joue boo but I mean the exact same style Rebecca wrote it in is from one of Lana's old tweets/twitters.....

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Lmfao, Rebecca is cute but I can't at her thinking that because she stumbled across some ancient Lana Twitter that everyone on LB knows about she's somehow in the know or a special super fan. It's like a thirteen year old girl who's just seen Fight Club for the first time. :stretcher:

But hi if you're reading this Becky! :magic:

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