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Keri Hilson Self-Shades After Empty Arena

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Remember Keri Hilson? The songwriter-turned-singer has a handful of hits to her name like Pretty Girl Rock and The Way I Are with Timbaland, but it’s been four years since she last released an album.

The 32-year-old opened for Lenny Kravitz at a concert in Dallas over the weekend, but she became the target of online ridicule after footage of her performing for a barely-there crowd hit social media. The audience reportedly increased once Lenny hit the stage, but barely anybody showed up to see Miss Keri Baby do her thing.

Well, Keri decided to clap back at her critics on Twitter–and her response was pretty damn perfect.

“I spent my day being ridiculed for getting paid $100,000 in one night, to do what I love 4 years after being publicly relevant. FML. crying_2015-01-14_07-40-49.png”

You’ve gotta love Keri for this. Not only did she spill the tea on how much money she made, she also acknowledged that she hasn’t been relevant in years–something most celebrities NEVER do, even if they know it’s true.

Now I suddenly want a Keri Hilson comeback. Hopefully something happens this year, coz it’s been WAY too long.

Queen Keri preaching to them haters! :hail: No hit album, no media presence, no film career, no relevancy and still making money. Work bitch!


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