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The Golden Globes


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Helen Mirren and her could have been sexy sisters! :hail:


Omg YAS! She looks go great! but obviously Jane Fonda looked better :morning:

Why are you supporting the patriarchy in this incessant need to pit woman against each other? Women need to come together to fight the violent male oppressors, not be divided by the shallow likes of you. #Feminism #YesAllWomen

[img width=432 height=650] golden-globes-2015-slide-88TQ-jumbo.jpg

Lana Del Rey looked happy yesterday, although I think her dress doesn't look good on her (I like the dress itself, though...)

I don't really like the dress, but accompanied with the hair it's just so kitschy and over the top that it really suits Lana's vibe and style, which stops me from completely hating it. Still not my favourite look from her tho. :'(

Can we just talk about how FLAWFREE Conchita Wurst looked tho? :hail: Like, what kind of slayage?

[img width=431 height=650] o-CONCHITA-WURST-570.jpg?1

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