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J. Lo To Start Vegas Residency

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Jennifer Lopez is in the final stages of making a deal to perform in Vegas ... and according to the contract -- obtained by TMZ -- she'll rake in more per show than Britney Spears.

Jennifer is being offered a whopping $350,000 per show at The Axis, Planet Hollywood ... the same place Britney is performing. 

Britney is making a paltry $310K a show. 

But Britney will ultimately score more than JLo because her contract provides she'll do 96 shows over 2 years.  JLo will do 72 shows, 3 times a week for 24 weeks over a 1 or 2 year period -- the contract leaves that open.

So, in the end, Britney is guaranteed $29,760,000 for the 2-year run.  JLo will be guaranteed $26,383,326.

It's all chump change compared to Celine Dion, who does 70 shows a year and gets $33,320,000.

Tbh, I think having a residency for just one year is probably a better career move than going for two or three years like Britney is planning on. J. Lo already has the showgirl vibe which she's been showing off with her choreography for the past few years and she definitely has the hits to back it up, so I think she'll be a good fit! :hail:

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