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Cara Delevigne to Surprise Release Debut Single Produced by Pharrell


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The world will never be the same. English supermodel Cara Delevingne has recorded her first single with American producer, singer and hitmaker Pharrell Williams as she prepares to launch her music career.

The 22 years old model now-singer filmed the official music video for her single with Pharrell in Paris over the past week. According to the rumors, they

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If they turn out to be like Florrie, I guess we can get more.

I hate Cara because she is so fake and she walks like she has a big stick up her ass, but I'm curious of her more upbeat stuff, because her old song it's sooo slow and boring

Wait, she's actually released music before now? :stretcher: I thought she was just doing a Heidi Montag and deciding to release an album out of nowhere tbh. A part of me is really interested to hear this tho, I'm looking forward for another big fun pop debut like we had with Ke$ha a few years ago.

Hope it's halfway decent, unlike all of Pharrell's recent work.

Don't expect too much. :vacuum: Although if Daft Punk were involved I would say differently!

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