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Today was so treacherous. I woke up, downloaded a bunch of music (legally of course) and I got the dreaded notice from my computer that the 2 TB hard drive I got for Christmas was full  :'( I looked through all of my music, hoping to find some thing I could delete, but I couldn't. My music taste is so perfect how the hell could I ever delete any of it?  o.O So I started looking through my other folders; Picture - can't delete those! T.V. Show - I'm half way through a few of them, so I deleted the episodes I had already seen & the series that I could just watch on Netflix, Movies - I've seen all of those so I deleted the 20 GB of them, finally, I hit the jackpot, Porn. It was full of lesbian gang bangs, sexy black girls with mommy issues and a few gay bdsm films. I deleted it all and now I have 520 GB of space left  :stretcher:

The moral of the story is never download porn, it takes away music space.

Tbh I kept "Bridal Punishment parts 1 & 2" though. That's the best porno I've ever seen in my life. 


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