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Hi y'all!


So I've reorganized the sections a little bit so that 'Cinema' and 'Lounge Room' have been merged. This means that all of the film and TV show discussion will now be in the one forum, just called 'Lounge Room'.

I've also added two new sections. The first is called 'Recording Studio', and is for any of our members who are musically inclined and creating their own songs! I thought it could be cool, since I know of at least four or five of you guys who are making our own music, to put it all in one place so that y'all can see each others works quickly and meet up with other singers, writers, players and producers to collaborate on work with each other. Hopefully y'all will enjoy!

The other new section is called 'Arcade' and is a section specifically for video game discussion! I know a lot of y'all play games, either occasionally or a lot, and we already have a team you can join on PomeMMO and a family to join on EpicMafia. In this new section you can discuss any new games that are coming out and share your usernames for multiplayer games.

I hope y'all enjoy these new sections and find them easy to use! If you have any questions, or suggestions for new sections, please let me know below. <3 Love y'all!

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Thank you Mo for making this community a bit more organized :magic:






Not a problem Ashley! :magic: You were the one who inspired me to start 'Recording Studio' so I hope you enjoy it. <3

I love the Recording Studio idea, you might see some of my originals posted in there relatively soon  :hat:

YASSS YOU BETTER. <3 I miss you boo! I'm doing some music course at uni rn so I'm gonna try and post some of my one work in there as well. ;)

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