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Paris Hilton Goes GHETTO: Beats Down on Baywatch Actor

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A former Baywatch star claimed he was viciously attacked on Sunday morning by Paris Hilton at her rented beach home in Malibu, California.

Jeremy Jackson, 33, said he was attacked by Paris, Brandon Davis and others about 2am and someone crakced a liquor bottle on his head.

The brawl was first reported by TMZ which published a photo of Jeremy shown his left eye swollen and bloody.



Law enforcement sources said they received a call from two people with each claiming they were attacked by the other, according to TMZ.

One of the two people was a brother of Paris, but the sources didn't know which of her two brothers.

No one wanted to press charges when police arrived at the beach house Paris has been renting for $65,000 a month, so no arrest was made.

[img width=650 height=403] 0713-baron-hilton-sub-instagram-9.jpg

He should be HONOURED that the queen of pop deemed him important enough to be beaten up. I hope that she used Devassa beer to finish the job! :magic:

[img width=477 height=650] Devassa-03.jpg

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Sadly she couldn't fight Lindsay when she attacked her brother but oh well

Omfg, that could do wonders for both of their careers tho...:hail: They both need to make a successful comeback and there's no better way to do it than Celebrity Deathmatch: Party Girl Edition! :magic:



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